Reinvent Learning or Die

“Faced with the relentless acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, and automation, 86 percent of respondents to this year’s Global Human Capital Trends survey believe they must reinvent their ability to learn … we have deliberately chosen the word “reinvent”. Reinvention goes back to the core–the foundation of an organization. This is not about tinkering at the edge.”

2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

In my roadmap for a successful approach to 21st-century management, Minds at Work, the research showed that companies having the courage to move from a 20th-century industrial managing hands model to a new managing minds approach are the big winners. These companies are the competitive leaders in their industry and avoid all the problems that plague companies still holding to the older way of managing people – from incredibly low employee engagement to a complete lack of innovation and more.

A year after publication, this video from learnapalooza proves the conclusions were correct … and that we seriously underestimated the timeframe. If you care about having yourself or your team or even your company succeed in the Knowledge Economy, take the time to watch the video … and learn how the future will look and feel. And stop tinkering around the edges.


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