Building a New Culture? Wear Jeans!

In my book Minds at Work, we researched over 30 companies that had the courage to change their management model from a 19th-century managing hands approach to what we termed a 21st-century Knowledge Economy managing minds model. Their stories are compelling and inspiring. How they moved from companies that were just doing okay to being the competitive leaders in their field is only part of the story.

A better lesson is what happened when they started to make the change. In many cases -such as the Novartis piece that follows – the beginning of a culture shift was a simple as the CEO wearing jeans to work.

Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan: How to be a boss in an “unbossed” company

CEO Vas Narasimhan has been running the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis since February 2018.  He began to change the corporate culture from the start.

Moving a huge multi-billion dollar global company from managing hands to managing minds is often seen as impossibly hard to implement. Novartis is proof that the transition can start with something as seemingly simple as the CEO wearing jeans.


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