48 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read


From the talented folks at Talent LMS:

I might be biased, but being part of the learning and development community is not only fascinating but rewarding. As a multidisciplinary field that spans the entire employee lifecycle (from recruitment to retirement), it often feels like you’re wearing more hats than you even own.

This is the precise reason it remains such a compelling subject. But it’s also the reason that to be the best trainer/ training manager/ chief learning officer, you have to keep your learning and development top of mind too.

This is why my team and I put together this list of forty-eight books. We hope that you’ll find at least one (or maybe a few more than that) that aren’t in your training bookshelf already. Use them to get better at this thing you care about so much.

And here’s the great link, with a useful list of books to read for anyone involved or interested in the business of learning.

Great Books for the Business of Learning


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